It is very important to clean your tires as they look much better once you do. This is important because one of the biggest factors in how your car looks is how clean the tires are, thus it is a very good idea to clean them regularly and protect them. By applying tire dressing you are creating insurance that will make sure your tires do not dry rot.

Cleaning the Car
Cleaning the Car – The Tires

This image highlights how you need the best tire shine if you are planing to completely protect your tires with the best that you can get. I recommend that you read many reviews on the subject to get a better understanding of how to keep your car clean. Furthermore the more often you apply tire shine the better looking your tires and thus your car will look. This is because when you use it your car gets cleaned and protection. Once it is protected by the best tire shine you can find then your tires become much more protected and shielded from the danger that driving posses  Because of this I recommend you apply it whenever the tires start to look dirty. You can check this Guide for The Best Tire Shine.

Check out this video for even more great ideas. also if you are a fan of batman then you should know that the tumbler uses this method to clean his tires.

Finally this leads me to my last point. If you care About how your car looks then you really  need to learn how to clean your tires and then go out and act.


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